Founder, Nancy Spooner, based in Southern California, has over twenty five years of experience in the television, live event and multimedia industry. Together with her Tempo Team, they continue to impress clients with their professionalism, enthusiasm and attention to detail on every production.  Below is just a sample of the world wide team!

N A N C Y   S P O O N E R 

Owner/Event Producer/Stage Manager

Nancy is a Graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Television and Film. She currently produces, stage manages and deck manages live shows for numerous corporate meetings as well as televised sporting events. Some shows she has worked on include HP, SAP, Dell, Mastercard, CBS Interactive at ComicCon, Genetech, IBM, RSA, Home Depot, American Cancer Society and Bristol Meyers Squibb. Fun sporting event career highlights include producing Long Track Speed Skating at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and Fencing at the 2008 Asian games in Doha, Qatar.  For twelve years she directed the live event for the X Games and seven years of the Bassmaster Classic. She was the Event Producer for ESPN's run of the Great Outdoor Games.  USA Gymnastics is still one of her regular clients and she produces several internationally televised competitions shown on NBC every year including the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Trials. Between e-mails Nancy can be found camping with her awesome husband, son and labradoodle or surfing along the coast of north county San Diego. Her full resume can be found by clicking here.  



K E I T H   A L A N
Host Announcer and Voice Over talent  In addition to being a voice over talent, Keith Alan is recognized around the world as one of the premier hosts and reporters in action, outdoors and lifestyle events and programs. Keith has over tens years of experience hosting, reporting and calling the action at some of the world's biggest events including the Olympics, X Games and Bassmaster Classic. With the eyes and ears of a producer and the heart of a ring master, Keith communicates to audiences with a natural style and flow that creates the perfect energy, excitement and drama for the moment. From corporate events to world class sports, music and lifestyle television, Keith Alan has been informing and entertaining audiences around the world for over a decade.


L E E  B A I L E Y
Senior Event Manager 
Based in the San Francisco area, Lee is a senior level event manager with over 20 years of experience managing large scale corporate events. With a background in marketing, she has the unique ability to see the big picture while still managing the many details that make an event successful. Her strengths in communications, team management and organization have landed her work with Apple, Cisco, Genentech, eBay and many other top corporate clients. Projects include conferences, trade shows, product launches, and road shows. 


L I S A  B R O N I T T 

Production Manager for events and conferences specializing in talent, travel and event oversight  Lisa spent 6 years managing the day to day operation for a film/TV talent management firm in Los Angeles designing maintenance programs for the tracking and production as well as overseeing tall aspects of scheduling, production and laising with talent teams. Prior to entertainment, she spent her time working in radio promotion for various record labels and coordinating promotional tours, concert ticket purchase and distribution, convention oversight and events for top musicians.  Lisa spends her free time overseeing auction operations for a non-profit organization called Camp Del Corazon.  Her responsibilities include maintaining database and procurements, working with sponsors and generating donations, creating and designing auction catalog, event layour and managing a team of volunteers.


T O N Y   C R E S C E N Z O
Producer/Production Coordinator  Based out of Los Angeles and hailing originally from San Diego and its world of theater, Tony has accumulated over 15 years of varied professional experience across multiple formats and platforms including the 2002 Winter Olympic Games; television specials for ABC Family, Lifetime Television and the WB; TV shows "Push, Nevada", "LA Heat", "Pacific Blue", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; the Great Outdoor Games and the X Games for ESPN; entertainment trade shows for 20th, Universal, Studios USA, Lifetime and Paramount Television; and large scale corporate events for SAP, Oracle, Herbalife, RSA Security, Bristol Myers- Squibb, Nortel, Qualcomm, Intel Corp, and The Home Depot.


S H E R R Y   F O X
Producer/Deck Manager  Sherry Fox is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years experience in the Meeting and Entertainment Industry. With a B.A. in Theatre Arts from U.C.L.A. Sherry began her career as a Stage Manager in the traditional theatre. Since 1989, Sherry has worked exclusively with corporate clients as a Deck Stage Manager (aka ASM) and Producer. She has worked in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia using her strengths in organization and communication to deal with the unique situations, the crazy deadlines, the interesting venues and all the challenges that make up the Corporate Meeting Arena.



T R E N T  K A M E R M A N  

DP/Camera Operator  Trent began his career in 1983 as a tape editor, and then as a shooter for the NBC affliate in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In 1986, he came a full-time shooter at Albuquerque's CBS affiliate, covering general news and sporting events.  In 1989, he headed west to help start up Orange County News (OCN) in Santa Ana, California, heading the channel's live truck in its electronic news gathering efforts.  In 1992, before making the transition to self employment, Trent freelanced at K-CAL in Los Angeles, as well as for the CNN and FOX networks.  In 1993, Trent founded 800-Kamerman.  Since then he has worked with such recognizable names as Tony Hawk, Milton Berle, Elle MacPherson, Robin Leach, Tony Robbins, Elton John, Robin Williams and Wayne Gretzky, to name a few.  On his quest to capture images that are compelling to viewers and critical to his clients, he has traveled to Japan, China, Russia, Borneo, and across South and North America as well as creating the behind-the-scenes photography for the US National Soccer Team in the last three World Cups. 


C E L E N A   K A T H A N
Event Producer - 10+ years of experience to the production process for corporate meetings and entertainment events. Children's Hospital, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nortel, SAP, and Wal-Mart are a few of her long-standing clients. Projects include: conferences, keynotes, sales kick-off meetings, annual shareholders meetings, incentive programs, live television, travel programs, and corporate entertainment events.


K R I S   K U Z N I A R
Meeting Producer/Graphics Producer/Project Manager - With over twelve years experience,Kris has a diverse background composed of producing corporate meetings, live productions and special events. And she also has exceptional understanding of the graphics world.


D A N   M O W D Y 
Announcer/Master of Ceremonies  - Dan is a dedicated team player who values hard work and preparation.  With 20 years of experience hosting and announcing live television, major sports, corporate gatherings and special events, he invests himself in every project.  Happy to roll up his sleeves and lend his substantial expertise in writing, editing and presenting impactful material at the highest level, Dan ensures that the message is delivered professionally with crisp accuracy and unequalled clarity in pleasing yet energizing tones.  He has been the voice of USA Gymnastics since 2001. His announcing resume includes  two Olympic Games, three world championships, seven US Olympic Team Trials and multiple national championships spanning several sports.  An on-air personality and television show host for RCN-4 and LSN (Lafayette Sports Network), Dan’s work can be seen live on television and online during college football and basketball seasons.  While allured by any assignment to energize an audience, Dan will occasionally find himself away from the buzz of the great indoors and deep in the clutches of the humbling pursuits of sailing, kayaking and cycling around lakes, bays and beaches.


A M Y   M U R R A Y
Producer and Director  Extensive experience in event, budget, creative, operations and marketing development. Known for ability to communicate, organize and adapt to multiple managing departments to create successful events. A director who strives to move people with ideas. Competencies include: Strategic Planning, Marketing Communications, Program Creation, Large-scale Event Planning, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management. Some clients include ESPN, Salt Lake Olympic Committee, National Marine Manufacturer's Association, NFL, Dan Pallotta Teamworks and HealthSouth.


M I C H E L L E   N E W B O N
Content/Project Manager/Associate Producer  15 years experience working with Fortune 500 clients: Awards Shows, Business / Dealer Meetings, Conferences, Keynote Addresses, Network Upfronts, Press Events, Product Launches, Tours, and Training Events.
"The mind-set I have for working in corporate production is the same approach I use for life. It's setting goals, navigating terrain and creating solutions. It's knowing what questions to ask while managing the details and keeping the big picture in focus. It's knowing how to work with clients and teams. It's creating a smooth process that sets the stage for a successful final result every time."


M A R K O  P E E R S 
Event Producer/All Around Production Specialist  Marko has a varied background in all elements of corporate production, including live events, video production, interactive, speaker support, stage managing, technical direction and training development. Curiously, he does not someday "want to direct". Marko has a natural love and enthusiasm for this business, which translates into a passion for his projects to be successful. Clients appreciate his attention to detail, work ethic, communication skills and sense of humor. Away from the office, Marko plays the fringe sport of street hockey on the weekends. He is passionate about working with young people, volunteering as an Orange County Big Brother, Vital Link speaker and has coached youth roller hockey for more than ten years. His other passions include; coffee, hockey fights, "guy" movies, red meat, hot-air ballooning, Toastmasters and is widely regarded as a Master of Wild Dancing.


R A C H E L   R O S E N G A R T E N
Event/Television Producer As a freelance event and television producer, Rachel has experience in all aspects of production. She has focused most of her work on the coordination and execution of sports television programming and events. She is responsible for all stages of production from research through production and post-production as well as directing and writing in the field. Her eight years of experience has given her the opportunity to work with event managers, producers, and film crews nationally and internationally. She regularly collaborates with event managers, editors, writers, associate producers, interns, fund raisers, sponsors, and executive producers - fostering and maintaining these relationships to produce successful programs and events. Some of her credits include: ESPN's Winter X Games, The Dew Action Sports Tour, ESPN Great Outdoor Games, Travel Channel, Fox Sports Net, Weather Channel, VH1, The Green Apple Festival, 48Straight and Jeep King Of The Mountain.


H E A T H E R   S A L T E R
Location Scout/Production Manager Specializing in film and video production Heather Salter has over 15 years of experience as a Location and Production Manager. She has spent the past three years as the Associate Producer filming Best Western Commercials in cities throughout North America. She has vast knowledge and resources when it comes to hiring crews in cities all across the US and Canada. Some of her other credits include many years as a Field Producer for ESPN's X Games, Associate Producer for Speed Skating at the Winter Olympics Games in Salt Lake, Location Manager and Production Manager for numerous infomercials and commercials.


P A T R I C K   S W E E N E Y
Live Sound Engineer/A1/ Music Director/DJ

Over 15 years rocking the turntables in clubs and parties to 10 years live event production experience. Pat bridges the gap of sound guy and hip dj, then adds a twist with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management from University of Massachusetts. Flexible, Technical and Creative is part of his balanced mantra.  Executed shows: 2002 & 2004 Olympics Games, 2006 Asian Games in Doha, 2007 Pan American Games in Rio, ESPN X Games, NBC Gravity Games and AST Dew Tour, Espy Red Carpet show, Red Bull signature events, ASA Entertainment, USA Gymnastics, Harman Pro Group, corporate shows and currently chief of sound for Los Angeles Dodgers.


J U L I A  T H U D I U M
Producer/Production Mgr/Deck Mgr 
Julia has worked her way through almost all areas of corporate production. More recently, her focus has shifted to integrated teams for distinctive productions, working on a diverse range of projects for the corporate sector. Production talents include: Client Liaison, Estimating, Proposal Writing, Assistant Stage Managing/Deck Managing, Content Coordinating, Rehearsal Schedule Creation/Management, Show Flow Creation/Management, Rehearsal Management, Celebrity/Band Wrangling, Rider Fulfillment, Light Technical Direction, High Tech Demo - Production Team Liaison. Clients include: Intel Corp, RSA Security, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, IBM, Forest Pharmaceuticals and more.


H E A T H E R   W A L K E R
Producer/Deck Manager Starting her career in the theater as a Stage Manager, Heather has been involved in all aspects of production from deck managing to locations, talent handling and producing. She has experience in Television shows such as Nightman & Wheel of Fortune, Broadcast live events such as The Oscars and The SAG Awards, Commercials, Corporate Concerts, Fundraisers and Business Meetings. She has handled a range of talent such as local bands like Common Sense to national acts & speakers such as Aerosmith, Tom Brokaw and The Blues Brothers. Her business meetings clients include SAP, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cisco, The Home Depot, Symantec, Intel, Herbalife, RAS Securities, Dr Pepper, Oracle, EBay and Microsoft. Her versatility to accomplish any task at hand allows her to wear multiple hats depending on the needs of the production.


F O R R E S T   W R I G H T
Events Producer/Marketing Communications Consultant. Forrest approaches every project as an opportunity to create meaningful experiences that engage and impact people to drive business results.  As a seasoned producer and M.B.A., Forrest has worked in all stages of event production and marketing communications.His ability to bridge the gap between creative initiatives and business objectives allows him to work with all manner of clients and negotiate the most challenging of assignments. He has worked with budgets, schedules and egos big and small. With every project he has aligned visions and assembled the best teams to get the job done right. Forrest has produced and coordinated live events, feature films, conferences and industrials forclients including Warner Bros., Intel, SAP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Motorola and HBO. He lives in San Diego and has worked worldwide, including the E.U., the Middle East and Asia.